Plamit Village

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Aerial View of Plamit Village
Plamit Village is a small frontier town in the Nageling region of the continent of Medenia. It shares a similar architectural aesthetic with Noam, with the notable exception of being surrounded on three sides by dark metamorphic crags and a moat of bubbling lava. The entrance to Plamit is mounted by two Baem Gadeu; mounted dragon guards.

While Plamit is a relatively quiet town, due to it's treacherous and remote location, there are a number of commodities available for visitors and townsfolk such as an inn and a bar, as well as potion and armor vendors. A bridge on the East side of the city leads to Red Dragon Plamit's Cave; a dangerous dungeon that is home to fierce mounted dragon warriors.


Plamit has a sparse population, but a number of Mundanes reside within it's boundaries.

  • Maria Christine, a valorous woman who is vehement in her defense against the Baem of Wind.
  • Gisaem, an older, dapper man who resides in the research lab.
  • Sutton, the potion vendor
  • Thorwil, the banker
  • Zowell, the armorer

Notable Locations[edit]

A first look at Plamit has revealed a number of locations for Aislings to visit, though a number of these buildings are empty. In the Northern corner of the city you will find the Plamit Bar. East of this you'll find the Plamit Inn. Along the southern end of the village you'll find the Bank of Plamit, Plamit Armory, Plamit Potion Shop and the mysterious Plamit Research. A wooden bridge spanning the molten moat of lava along the Eastern boundary of the village leads to the Red Dragon Plamit's Cave, which should be avoided by all by the most powerful of Aislings.


Plamit will, no doubt, be a hub of activity for those who have acheived high ability levels, though, as of now, none of these quests have been revealed.

Open Beta[edit]

A first in the history of Dark Ages, Plamit Village and it's associated dungeon were released for open beta on Monday, September 12th. While it gave players a feeling for the town, it's mundanes and the hunting ground, none of the quests of item drops were instituted. Final release was teased as coming 'within a few weeks'. Many mundanes are presumed to be missing, such as an innkeeper and bartender. While some of the vendors are offering items for sale, it was confirmed that, after the official release, additional items will be available for purchase as well.