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Description of Bearded Collie

´╗┐The Breed History

An ancient British Isles breed, this Collie may have blood from a variety of stock such as Polish Lowland Sheepdog, Magyar Komondor, and sheep herding dogs of the Isles. Though they do not look like the traditional "collie" image, the name collie merely implies being a sheep dog. Little is in the record until the start of the 1800s for this breed. They came to North America in the 1950s, but were not registered in the AKC until 1976.

Breeding for Function

Bred for herding independently, these dogs also excel at competitive agility and obedience sports. They are excellent drivers and caretakers of livestock. They are particularly suited to working in cold, damp conditions over rough ground. They were also selected for companionship later in breed development.

Physical Characteristics

Height at Withers: female 20-21" (51-53 cm), male 21-22" (53-56 cm).

Weight: females 40-60 lb (18-27 kg), males 40-60 lb (18-27 kg).

Coat: They are double-coated and the outer coat is harsh and flat. No coat trimming is allowed for showing. Black, fawn, blue, brown with or without white markings are the accepted colors, and coats are characteristically thick and shaggy. Coats usually lighten as they mature, then darken and then fade once again as the dog ages.

Longevity: 12-14 years.

Points of Conformation: Medium-sized, they have an athletic build, and their alert inquisitive expression is a feature of the breed. The head is broad with moderate stop, the nose is large and eyes are widely set. Color of nose and eyes are in harmony with the haircoat. Prominent brows frame their large eyes, and their beard is also well developed. Medium-sized ears are pendulous and hairy. The medium neck is slightly arched, topline is level, and the thorax is deep but not broad. The tip of the tail reaches to the tarsus, and is carried low and curved. Feet are oval and toes well arched. Gait is long and straight.

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Photo Gallery of Bearded Collie