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Description of Black Russian Terrier

´╗┐The Breed History

Following WW II, a kennel in the Soviet Union worked to develop a hardy working dog from resident breeds of the time. The 1950s saw serious breed development using 17 breeds in the initial breeding pool, including Rottweilers, Giant Schnauzers, Airedale, Moscow Diver, Newfoundland and Caucasian Ovcharka dogs. The first breeding crossed Roy, a Giant Schnauzer with a female Rottweiler. By 1981 they were granted official breed status. Of the two subtypes, the more massive constitution is preferred over the terrier type, so much so that the breed was moved from terrier to working breed.

Breeding for Function

These dogs were bred to work as guard dogs and protection dogs. The breeders wished to develop a dog that required minimal coat care, was a large size with exceptional strength and excellent trainability and high but controlled aggression. Early in breed development, appearance was sacrificed for good working ability, and heterogeneous appearance was typical. Two subtypes emerged. The first, a terrier type and the second a more massive "bear" dog with coarse build.

Physical Characteristics

Height at Withers: female 26-29" (66-74 cm), male 27-30" (69-76 cm); disqualified if under 26" (66 cm).

Weight: 77-120 lb (32-54 kg).

Coat: Color must be black, or black intermixed with a few other gray hairs. A thick double coat, with a coarse overcoat and undercoat thick and soft in texture. Length of hairs 1.5-4" (4-10 cm) and has a tousled appearance-not wiry, not curly. Hair in and around the ears is trimmed for show. Fairly easy keeping coat.

Longevity: 10-14 years

Points of Conformation: Robust, this heavily boned dog is well muscled and capable of great endurance. Bitches are more refined, but still strongly built. Only very slightly longer than tall, they give an overall impression of great strength. The skull is broad and strong, with a blocky appearance with moderate stop. A prominent occipital protuberance is characteristic. Nose is large, black. The eyes are oval, medium in size and darkly pigmented. The palpebral margins are tight and black, as are the lips. No flews. Small triangular ears are high set, and just reach the lateral canthus. Gingival surface is pigmented, and spots of pigment may occur on the tongue. Neck thick, well muscled, the thorax is wide and deep with oval cross section, pronounced withers merge with level topline. The abdomen is well tucked up, loin is short. Limbs are straight, with very short straight metacarpals/metatarsals, and large rounded feet. Nails dark and rear dewclaws often removed. The thick tail is high set, and usually docked to the length of 3-5 vertebrae. Gait is springy, smooth and long.

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