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Description of Border Collie

´╗┐The Breed History

Scotland and Northern England were the birthplaces of this breed. Many varieties of collies including Scotch Collie, Welsh Sheepdog, and Highland Collies are intermingled in the history of this region and likely contributed to the bloodlines of the Border Collie. This breed received full recognition status in 1995. It is thought to have arisen in the 1700s.

Breeding for Function

Developed primarily for sheep herding but also used for cattle herding, these dogs are often thought to be the "top dog" of sheep herding breeds. They were developed as gatherers not drivers, but they can be trained to do the latter also. Trainability, speed, agility, and livestock sense were key features bred into these dogs. They were also bred to love their work, and so will willingly work all day. So strong is the emphasis on breed functionality that the registries discourage showing for conformation only. Border Collies also excel at obedience and tracking and agility. Other jobs that they excel at include search and rescue, narcotics and bomb sniffing, and guide dog and assistance work.

Physical Characteristics

Height at Withers: female 18-21" (45.5-53 cm), male 19-22" (48-56 cm).

Weight: females 27-42 lb (12-19 kg), males 30-45 lb (13.5-20.5 kg).

Coat: Very dense smooth, rough, or medium coats are found; rough and smooth are the only permitted forms in the AKC standard. Colors include black and tan, tri-color, merle, sable, and black, usually with white markings. Solid white is not accepted. These dogs are average shedders, and should be brushed very regularly. The dense undercoat sheds out in Spring.

Longevity: 12-15 years.

Points of Conformation: The Physical Characteristics of the Border Collie are not considered a high priority, except how they contribute to their ability to work. These dogs are medium sized, and they possess a very alert expression. Their skull is broad with a moderate stop. Ears are set up and semi-erect, oval eyes are dark brown usually, though blue is acceptable in the merle, and their nose is black. A moderately arched long neck, level topline, deep thorax and well-sprung ribs characterize these dogs. The tail reaches to at least their tarsus, and though usually carried low, may be held level when excited. The body is a bit longer than high and dewclaws may be removed. Compact feet, straight limbs, and a smooth, long, low, way of going is characteristic.

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Photo Gallery of Border Collie