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Description of Boxer

´╗┐The Breed History

This breed originates from Tibetan lines of mastiff dogs; progressive development of the modern breed type has occurred since the 16th century, primarily in Germany. A breed club established the first breed standard in Munich in the late 1800s. The breed is a bulldog type, and these trace back to Molossus bloodlines. Other bloodlines bred into the boxer include terrier and perhaps English Bulldogs. The boxer is thought to get his name from the way he used his front paws during fights since it resembled a human boxing action. Others feel the name is a derivative of the Germanic word boxl. The year 1904 marked the first AKC registry.

Breeding for Function

In Germany, the boxer was a top choice for police work. Before fighting and baiting were outlawed, this breed was also used for these old sports. In Germany, the breed was used for hunting large game such as boars or bears and their powerful jaws were used to secure the catch. They were also used in theater and circus. The boxer was also used as a watchdog, assistance dog, and has become a very popular companion and obedience dog.

Physical Characteristics

Height at Withers: female 21-23.5" (53.5-60 cm), male 22.5-25" (57-63.5 cm).

Weight: females 55-65 lb (25-29.5 kg), males 65-80 lb (29.5-36.5 kg). Males are heavier boned.

Coat: The short glossy coat is brindle or fawn. White marking ("flash") is allowed over up to one third of the coat. All-white pups can be born, but are not used for breeding. The mask is usually black. Longevity: 11-13 years.

Points of Conformation: This dog is a medium-built athletic dog with well-developed musculature, and a springy stride. The brachycephalic head is broad and the muzzle is blunt and broad. Eyes are dark brown, and the forehead wrinkles when ears are pricked. Ears are usually cropped and the nose is black, a distinct stop is present, and a slight prognathism is the standard. The topline slopes slightly down towards the back end, they have a deep thorax with a short back and a slight tuck-up is standard. Dewclaws may be removed and tails are generally docked. Feet are compact, with well-knuckled toes.

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