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Description of British Shorthair

´╗┐The Breed History

This is the National cat of the British Isles. These cats derived from British domestic shorthaired street cats ("moggies"), cats that may have first arrived in the region during Roman incursions. During WW II, most of these cats were lost. Rejuvenation of the breed occurred due to careful breeder outcrosses carried out for a period following the war. When compared with the American and European Shorthairs, this cat has a much rounder head. Lewis Carroll in "Alice in Wonderland" made the British Shorthair tabby the model for the Cheshire cat.

In Britain, this breed may be referred to as the "Shorthair". This breed is still rarely seen in North America. The CFA first recognized this breed in 1980. No outcrossing is allowed in CFA though some other registries still allow selected outcrossing to Persian, American and European Shorthair, and Chartreux; these may not be eligible for CFA registry.

Physical Characteristics

Weight: 9-18 lb (4-8 kg), females smaller than males

Coat: The short, dense, plush soft single coat is accepted in most colors and patterns. Lavender, chocolate, and Himalayan pointed coloring are not allowed in CFA, but TICA allows chocolate and lavender. Hair texture is hard, not wooly. By far, the most frequent color seen is the British Blue: tabby markings may fade after six months of age. This is a slate grey color.

Coat is water repellant.

Eyes: Large, round, and usually copper to gold. Silver, golden, and shaded silver cats have green to hazel eye color.

Points of Conformation: Cobby (heavily set), short thick boned limbs, with broad thorax, and a large round head. Ears are small with rounded tips. The muzzle is moderately short, nose is short and broad and with a slight dip, whisker pads are prominent (resulting in the so-called "Cheshire grin"). Paws are moderately sized and round, and they possess a thick medium length tail with a round tip. Russian Blues have green eyes, they are less cobby, the coat is more open, and they are smaller cats than the British Blue.

Grooming: Low grooming needs; one can just hand groom quickly every few days. When bathing, avoid blow drying. More frequent grooming needed while shedding.

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Photo Gallery of British Shorthair