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Description of Canaan Dog

The Breed History

This rare and ancient Israeli breed, which dates back to 2000 BC originates from ancient Pariah dog stock and is named after the Land of Canaan. For many years, the dog apparently ran feral in the Negev desert and the coastal plains. Adoption by some of the Bedouin tribes helped to sustain their numbers. During the Israeli War of Independence and in WWII, a number were located and trained. The first dogs arrived in America in the year 1965. The AKC accepted the breed in 1997.

Breeding for Function

In ancient times, the dogs served as a herding and guard dog for flock and home. During the wars of the 20th century in Israel they served as messengers, mine detectors, trackers, and guard dogs. After WWII, they were further bred and trained for work as service dogs.

Physical Characteristics

Height at Withers: female 19-23" (48-58.5 cm), male 20-24" (51-61 cm).

Weight: females 35-45 lb (16-20.5 kg), males 45-55 lb (20.5-25 kg).

Coat: The flat short (0.5-1.5") harsh outer coat is straight and the inner coat is flat, short and soft. The ruff is more obvious in the male dog. The accepted colors are:

1. Solid (black, brown) with or without specified markings. 2. Mostly solid white, with or without body patches of color, and

with a matching symmetrical mask. The mask may contain a small blaze of white only.

Longevity: 12-13 years

Points of Conformation: There are 2 subtypes of dogs, the so –called "stockdog" type and a longer coated, heavier type dog. Overall, the standard requires a medium-sized dog with medium-large erect ears, a long wedge-shaped head and square conformation. Almond-shaped dark colored eyes are slightly slanted up. Palpebral rims are colored liver or black, and the stop is moderate. The neck is moderate in muscling and length and well arched, not throaty. The topline is level except for a slight loin arch. The thorax is moderately deep and ribs are well sprung, and abdomen well tucked up. The "bottle brush" tail may be curled once over the back when excited, and the length of the tail is to the tarsus at rest. Limbs are straight boned, and dewclaws may be removed. The Canaan dogs have compact feet with well-knuckled toes. Gait is agile, quick, powerful.

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Photo Gallery of Canaan Dog