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Description of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Breed History

The ancestor of this small spaniel is recorded in tapestry and art in the 15th century; a Toy spaniel was perhaps a luxury item for aristocrats since this was definitely a non-hunting dog. They were the chosen dogs of the Court of King Charles I and II and at this point in this line of dogs, the name was given as King Charles spaniel. In the time of Queen Victoria, a short nosed dome skull type was preferred, and the old type fell out of favor. In the USA, type reflected the old longer-muzzled low stop version of the Toy spaniel of Charles II time, and that variant is now recognized by the old name of English Toy spaniel. In Britain, a return to the long-faced variety that more closely resembled the spaniels in old paintings was bred, and the classic type was accepted into registration as the Cavalier King Charles spaniel to distinguish it from the short-nosed King Charles. It was first registered in AKC 1962 in the Miscellaneous

class, but full recognition occurred in 1996, at which time they were assigned to the Toy group.

Breeding for Function

Bred for companionship. They are suitable for obedience trials as well.

Physical Characteristics

Height at Withers: female 12-13" (30.5-33 cm), male 12-13" (30.5-33 cm).

Weight: females 13-17lb ( 6-7.5 kg) , males 14-18 lb ( 6-8 kg).

Coat: The silky, soft, slightly wavy moderately long coat is lightly feathered. Blenheim color is a white dog with chestnut markings and a specific chestnut mark on the forehead in a white blaze is favored (Blenheim mark). Other colors include tri-color in red, white and black. Ruby, a red solid, and black and tan are other coat color variants.

Longevity: 9-14 years.

Points of Conformation: They have very soft expressions, and their large dark brown eyes are set wide apart on a broad face. The skull is not domed and a moderate stop is present, the nose is large, square and black. The ears are pendulous and feathering is moderate. Slightly longer than tall, they are moderately boned, and the neck is long and slightly arched. The topline is level and chest is moderately deep with ribs well sprung. Their tail may be docked. It is held level with the topline or a bit lower. They possess straight legs and compact feet, and dewclaws may be removed. Their movement is smooth and low, and straight with long strides.

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Photo Gallery of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel