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Description of Chesapeake Bay Retriever

´╗┐The Breed History

It is thought that early in the 1800s, a shipwreck of a British ship off of Maryland landed the breed progenitors in the US. Some out-crossing to Otterhound, and Curly and Flat-coated Retrievers may have occurred, but because of the exceptional retrieving talent, this line was highly valued. They are thought to have originated in Newfoundland-Labrador from the same stock as the Labrador Retriever. They received AKC recognition in 1885.

Breeding for Function

Bred to fetch ducks from the cold water, this breed is still used for this purpose and Working Dog certificates are awarded to those dogs that continue to show excellent retrieving skills. They are also land retrievers, and are also a popular companion dog. They excel at tracking, obedience, and guarding. They are also being trained as therapy dogs. Their hallmark is exceptional endurance under the most severe conditions (cold water, wind). Some natural haircoat oiliness helps them to repel water away from the skin and undercoat.

Physical Characteristics

Height at Withers: female 21-24" (53-61 cm), male 23-26" (58.5-66 cm).

Weight: females 55-70 lb (25-32 kg), males 65-80 lb (29.5-36.5 kg).

Coat: The double water-resistant coat is brown, sedge grass, or dead grass colored to blend with their surroundings. The outer coat is wavy and dense with coarse, glossy hairs and the inner coat is soft, wooly and oily. Small white spots may be found on some dogs.

Longevity: 10-12 years.

Points of Conformation: A broad skull, large jaws and soft mouth provide the capacity for bird fetching. The face has a moderate stop, and eyes are yellow to amber. The ears are high set, triangular and medium length and pendulous, with medium leather. This medium sized dog has a deep thorax, and is well muscled with strong bones, though not coarsely built. The topline is level or mildly ascending towards the rear. Working dogs would normally have any rear dewclaws removed; fronts as well.

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Photo Gallery of Chesapeake Bay Retriever