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Description of Chihuahua

´╗┐The Breed History

In Mexico an indigenous dog, the Techichi was represented in historical records beginning in the 9th century and is considered the primary source of the modern Chihuahua's genes. Some historians believe the dog was crossed with a hairless breed from the Orient at some point. In the travels of Columbus, a similar small mute dog was noted in Cuba. This type of dog was highly treasured in Toltec and Aztec civilizations, so much so that they were often buried with their masters. It is unlikely that the origin of the breed was just in the Chihuahua area of Mexico, but since many of the foundation dogs that were exported in the mid 1800s came from this state, the name was selected. Longhaired varieties may have resulted from Yorkshire Terrier or Papillion crosses. First exports to the US occurred in the early 19th century, and AKC registration began in 1908.

Breeding for Function

The Aztecs used to sometimes sacrifice the red-colored dogs, and the blue ones were considered sacred. Primarily throughout the breed history though, these were highly valued companion dogs.

Physical Characteristics

Height at withers: 6-9" (15-23 cm).

Weight: Under 6 lb (2.5 kg). They are considered the smallest dog breed.

Coat: Two coat varieties exist: smooth and longhaired. Smooth haircoats are glossy, lay close, and are soft textured, and sometimes an undercoat is present. A bit of ruff is preferred. Long coats are soft, flat, and an undercoat is preferred. Some feathering is desirable. Any color is accepted whether solid, solid with markings, or splashed colors.

Longevity: 12-14 years.

Points of Conformation: Their build is compact and well muscled, and they are longer than tall, with fine bones. They have a domed skull, large wide-set dark eyes, though in light dogs, the eye color may match the coat. Domed skulls in some dogs leads to an open fontanelle termed molera. Ears are erect when alert, and folded back when resting. They are large and triangular. The muzzle is moderately short and tapers. The nose is black or self-colored, or pink in blonde dogs. The neck is short and the topline is level, ribs are well sprung and the thorax is moderate in depth. The tail is sickle shaped and rests out or up over the back (just touching). Limbs are straight, and feet are very small with toes set well apart.

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Photo Gallery of Chihuahua