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Description of Grizzly Bear

´╗┐Grizzly bear is a loose term used to describe a subspecies of brown bears found in inland North America. Around the world, brown bears vary in color from black to very light brown. Grizzly bears have a brown coat with silver-tipped hairs, which gives them a "grizzled" coloration. Grizzlies vary in weight, usually between four hundred and eight hundred pounds, but are generally smaller than brown bears found on the North American coast. In contrast, the largest brownbears in the world, found in coastal Alaska, sometimes weigh over one thousand pounds. Weight differences in brown bears are probably due to the availability of dietary protein. All brown bears have small, round ears, and large, round, dish-shaped faces with a large brow. They also have a characteristic hump over their shoulder that contains fat, and powerful digging muscles. Five long, nonretractable claws aid their digging. Unlike dogs and cats, which walk on their toes (digitigrade), bears walk flat on their whole foot (plantigrade), as humans do.

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Photo Gallery of Grizzly Bear