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Description of Maine Coon

´╗┐The Breed History

A hardy hunter, this is the only North American longhair cat. Originating in Maine, this breed is now designated as the State Cat of Maine. Perhaps resulting from crosses between domestic cats and Angora and other longhaired imported cats, their large size and a luxurious haircoat are breed hallmarks. It is possible that Pilgrims brought longhaired cats with them that were the progenitor cats, and natural selection resulting from harsh winters favored a long dense coat. Some also credit the origins of the coat type to outcrossing with imported longhaired Siberian Forest Cats or Norwegian Forest Cats. A valued working farm cat, the Maine Coon was used extensively for rodent control. They are one of the first American breeds (first records date to the 1860s), and also one of the largest domestic cats anywhere. Very popular, they usually rank near the top in CFA. Championship status in CFA was awarded in1976. No outcrossing is allowed.

Physical Characteristics

Weight: Range 10-22 lb (4.5-10 kg) Females smaller and more refined than the males.

Coat: Glossy haircoat is longer over the body than on the head and shoulders and longer on stomach and the legs. Ruff is present, especially in males. The Maine Coon is double-coated and fur is thick, shaggy, but soft in texture and waterproof. Most colors and patterns are accepted though brown tabby is the best known. Chocolate, lavender, cinnamon, pointed and agouti are not accepted. Eyes: Eyes are large, and all colors are accepted. Blue and odd eyes are found in the white cats.

Points of Conformation: Powerful musculature characterizes these large cats that are also endowed with a large wedge shaped head. The tapering tail is very long and this thick hairy tail, with rings in tabbies may have given rise to the Coon part of the breed name. The Maine Coon possesses a profile with the medium-length nose that is slightly concave. Well haired ears are large, with pointed tips and lynx tufts. Paws are round and well haired. Tail is long and tapering from a broad base.

Grooming: Though the Maine Coon coat does not tend to mat, regular grooming is needed. Preferably a quick daily session, but many find once weekly brushing will suffice.

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Photo Gallery of Maine Coon