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Description of Quail

´╗┐The quail is a relatively small, very fast-flying bird that is found in the western hemisphere as well as Europe, Asia, and northern Africa. It is a ground bird that prefers to hunt for seeds, bugs, insects, and other food on the ground near cover. Quails need a high-protein source of feed because of their fast heartbeat, so they usually hunt meaty invertebrates. The quail is generally monogamous in nature. When babies arrive, both parents tend to the offspring. There are several closely related varieties of quail in the world. All have adopted a slightly different way of living, but are recognizable by their general patterns of flight, group activity, and food-hunting tactics. Quail belong to the Phasianidae family, which includes pheasant, turkeys, and several other fowl. The males and females are similar in color and size. Quail are nonmigratory and will establish a territory in which they want to live and stay. Quail are sportsmen's favorite bird because they are fast flyers and elusive. They serve as a challenge.

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