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Description of Russian Blue

The Breed History

Originally thought to be from the Russian sea port of Archangel (Archangelsk Isle), first recorded specimens were brought to Western Europe in the late 1800s. The ancient Russian stock was feral. First show records in England date to 1875 where Russian Blues were shown in a generic blue cat class. After WW II there were very few cats in England and up to 1966, some outcrossing with Siamese produced a much more foreign type of cat. Most breeders began working to restore the old type, and since then Siamese-type has been considered less desirable. Scandinavian lines were integrated to help fix excellent eye color and head conformation traits in the breed. No outcrosses are allowed in CFA. The European type is larger and stockier than the American type. First registrations in CFA occurred in 1949. This is an uncommon breed.

Physical Characteristics

Weight: 8-12 lb (3.5-5.5 kg)

Coat: The very dense, short haircoat is plush and double with a glossy finish and silky texture. The only accepted color is a distinctive blue coat (a type of grey) with silver tipping of the guard hairs-a lighter shade of base color is preferred. The silvery sheen is highly desirable. No white is allowed in the coat. Kittens sometimes have a faint tabby marking pattern but this usually fades with time. Nose leather is grey, and pads lavender to mauve.

Eyes: Oval wide-set eyes are vivid green, though in kittens they start out a yellow color.

Points of Conformation: A medium sized cat, the body is lithe and long. The head is a medium wedge, and has a blunt muzzle without a break producing a flat profile, nose is straight and long. The large ears are wide set with little hair cover and slightly rounded tips. Neck is long and tail is fine and tapers, round feet are compact and small. Coat color, texture and eye color do not usually reach their zenith until at least 2 years of age.

Grooming: Low shedding and low grooming needs; gentle occasional attention is sufficient.

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Photo Gallery of Russian Blue