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Description of Selkirk Rex

´╗┐The Breed History

In 1987 a straight-coated female in a Wyoming shelter gave birth to a curly coated shorthaired cat. This cat was crossed with a black Persian and of the first filial generation, three had curly coats. One of the curly offspring, a male black and white cat was bred back with another; 50% curlies, one a long hair resulted. The next (repeat) breeding produced a red point. This is an autosomal dominant mutation, unlike that for the Devon and Cornish Rex genes. No crosses with these other types of rexes are allowed. Outcrossing to British Shorthair, Exotic, and Persian breeds is still allowed, though a phase out is planned so that by 2015, there will be no outcrosses. First accepted by TICA, then ACFA, and finally in CFA.

Physical Characteristics

Weight: 7-11 lb (3-5 kg); males a bit larger

Coat: The shorthair coat is soft, wavy and plush, curled with a wavy tail; the longhair coat is thick but with loose curl ringlets, like a lamb's; the main difference in the two coats is that the longhair is less plush, has a longer ruff, and the tail hairs are longer and plumed. Homozygotes are more sparsely coated and have tighter curls (the breed standard is closest to the heterozygote cat). Whiskers are curly and short and may break off. Coat colors include pointed, smoke, shaded, solids. Coats are curled at birth, but then they go straighter and remain that way until sexual maturity. The final adult coat matures at 18-24 months of age. The Selkirk Rex coat is a bit fuller than the Devon or Cornish Rex cat, with some guard hairs. They do not tend to molt like the young Devon and Cornish cats. Climate and seasons may affect the coat.

Eyes: Round, wide set, accepted in all colors.

Points of Conformation: These are medium built cats. The head is rounded, cheeks and whisker pads prominent, ears medium sized with pointed tips. The nose is convex and short with a moderate break. The tail is thick with a rounded tip. Good muscling and bone is evident with a broad chest, and tending to cobby. Overall, in type the Selkirk Rex is closer to the British Shorthair than an American Shorthair.

Grooming: Need regular GENTLE combing and brushing. There is a moderate shedding tendency. Rough grooming may break hairs or straighten curls.

Thanks for description - Animal life club

Photo Gallery of Selkirk Rex