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Description of Sussex Spaniel

´╗┐The Breed History

In county Sussex in England during the 1800s, the breed was established and offspring were consistently selected for the distinctive golden liver colored haircoat. The AKC admitted the breed in 1884. Over the next century, the population declined to critically low levels and it is still a very rare breed.

Breeding for Function

A hunting companion for upland game for the hunter on foot, he was renowned for excellent scent tracking and possessed the resolve to find and flush the quarry. Like hounds, these spaniels bay, or give tongue when game is scented. They move slowly and deliberately on the trail unlike most other hunting dogs. This slow pace should not be confused with poor function.

Physical Characteristics

Height at Withers: 13-15" (33-38 cm)

Weight: 35-45 lb (16-20.5 kg)

Coat: The thick golden liver coat is double, with flat silky or slightly wavy outer hairs. The ears, tail and neck have furnishings, and only small white chest markings are acceptable. The tips of the hairs are golden. The haircoat is medium long, and the feathers around the feet (a breed characteristic) are long.

Longevity: 12-13 years

Points of Conformation: Unlike other members of the spaniel group, Sussex Spaniels are quite short limbed and possess a massive constitution, are longer than tall, and low slung. Large eyes are hazel, and the heavy brows and wrinkled forehead produce a serious looking expression. Large pendulous ears are thick leathered and set fairly low. Some lower eyelid eversion is common. The skull is wide and the stop prominent, the muzzle is square, and the nose is liver colored. The lips are pendulous, the neck is short and well muscled. The topline is level, the thorax is barrel shaped, and the rib cage extends well back. The low set tail is usually docked to 5-7" in length and is carried level or below the back. The limbs are strong and short, and may be slightly bowed. The metacarpals and metatarsals are short. The gait is rolling, and low.

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