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Description of Welsh Springer Spaniel

´╗┐The Breed History

The origins of this ancient breed trace back to the British Isles, where records describe a "springing" type dog. This refers to their talent of springing or flushing hidden game. Concise breed records date from the 1600s. The English Springer Spaniel may be closely related to the Welsh Springer Spaniel. First AKC recognition came in 1906.

Breeding for Function

A solid retriever valued for gun and bow hunting, they were tireless in the field, and particularly excelled at water work. They also excelled in scent tracking and springing game. They were also used to drive cattle and to herd sheep.

Physical Characteristics

Height at Withers: female 17-18" (43-45.5 cm), male 18-19" (45.5-48 cm)

Weight: 35-45 lb (16-20 kg)

Coat: The red and white silky haircoat is flat, straight and soft, and feathering is moderate. Note that the white areas may be flecked with red.

Longevity: 12-14 years

Points of Conformation: They possess a compact build and are sized between larger English Springer Spaniels and smaller English Cocker Spaniels. The head is more long and refined than other spaniels and is a distinctive characteristic for the breed. The skull is slightly domed, stop is distinct, muzzle is square, nose is black or brown. The neck is long, not throaty, and is slightly arched. The face is well chiseled, the eyes soft in expression and darker colored eyes are preferred (range is from medium to dark brown). Dark palpebral margins are preferred and the nictitans should not show. The eyes are moderately deep set and medium in size. Ears are pendulous and they narrow towards the lightly feathered tip. They are shorter and narrower than English Springer ears. The topline is level,the thorax is deep and ribs are well sprung. The tail is high set, carried approximately level to the back and may be docked. Limbs are medium in length, straight boned and possess good muscling. Dewclaws may be removed in front, and are usually removed on the hind limbs. Feet are compact and round with well knuckled up toes and thick pads. The limbs have short metacarpals and metatarsals. The gait is smooth, long, and ground covering.

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Photo Gallery of Welsh Springer Spaniel