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Description of Wolverine

´╗┐Wolverines are mustelids of the genus Gulo. They are among the most powerful animals of their size. Wolverines live in northern woods of North America, Europe, and Asia. They have long, tapering heads, heavy 2.5-foot-long bodies, bushy 8-inch tails, short legs, and large feet with sharp claws. Wolverine teeth are long and sharp. Their powerful jaws can crush the bones of prey. Wolverines look like small bears, and their dark, whitemarked pelts make fine fur garments. This has made them rare, after ruthless hunting. Males and females can weigh fifty-five and thirty pounds, respectively. Wolverines are solitary, except for mating in spring and summer. Nine months later, females give birth to around four offspring. Offspring nurse for ten weeks and stay with their mothers for a year.Wolverines do not stalk or chase. They pounce from trees or rocks and kill animals much larger than themselves, such as reindeer.Wolverines also eat smaller animals, birds, and carrion. Wolverine predators are bears, pumas, and humans. When attackers get near wolverines, they spray smelly musk. If this warning does not work, the wolverines fight attackers fiercely.


Male and female wolverines often live alone, except when mating. Mating seasons lasts from may to august. Pregnancy for mustelids ranges to nine months. Litters contain two to five young, depending on food availability.

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