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Gallery photos and information: Black Granite Stone

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The pyroxene content is mostly clinopyroxene, generally augite, but small amounts of orthopyroxene may also be present. If the amount of orthopyroxene is more than 95% of the total pyroxene content (5% or less clinopyroxene content), then the rock is termed norite. On the other hand, Gabbro has more than 95% of its pyroxenes in the form of the monoclinic clinopyroxene/s. Intermediate rocks are termed gabbro-norite. The calcium rich plagioclase feldspar (labradorite-bytownite) and pyroxene content vary between 10% - 90% in gabbro. If more than 90% plagioclase is present, then the rock is an anorthosite. If on the other hand, the rock contains more than 90% pyroxenes (often both are present), it is termed pyroxenite. Gabbro may also contain small amounts of olivine ("olivine gabbro" if substantial amount of olivine is present), amphibole and biotite. The quartz content in gabbro is less than 5% of total volume. 'Quartz gabbros' or monzogabbros are also known to occur, for example the cizlakite at Pohorje in northeastern Slovenia, and are probably derived from magma that was over-saturated with silica. Essexites represent gabbros whose parent magma was under-saturated with silica, resulting in the formation of the feldspathoid minerals nepheline, cancrinite, and sodalite as accessory minerals rather than quartz. (Silica saturation of a rock can be evaluated by normative mineralogy). Gabbros contain minor amounts, typically a few percent, of iron-titanium oxides such as magnetite, ilmenite, and ulvospinel.

Balck Granite via image
Balck Granite
Absolute Black Granite... via image
Absolute Black Granite...
Absolute Black Granite... via image
Absolute Black Granite...
Our Black Galaxy Grani... via image
Our Black Galaxy Grani...
Belfast Granite Stone via image
Belfast Granite Stone
Polished Finish via image
Polished Finish
Andes Black via image
Andes Black
Jet Black Granite Slab... via image
Jet Black Granite Slab...
Impala Black via image
Impala Black
ShanXi Black - B via image
ShanXi Black - B
Basalt-Black-Stone-Gra... via image
Black Galaxy Granite via image
Black Galaxy Granite
black granite rock Bla... via image
black granite rock Bla...
Starlight Black Granit... via image
Starlight Black Granit...
Black Galaxy Granite S... via image
Black Galaxy Granite S...
Landscape Stone for Ho... via image
Landscape Stone for Ho...
1030 x 687 jpeg 275kB
Angola Black Granite -... via image
Angola Black Granite -...
3812 x 2532 jpeg 2516kB
Granite - Stone Center... via image
Granite - Stone Center...
1000 x 669 jpeg 104kB
Angola Black Granite I... via image
Angola Black Granite I...
960 x 960 jpeg 114kB
Black via image
1200 x 800 jpeg 601kB
China Basalt Black Sto... via image
China Basalt Black Sto...
496 x 451 jpeg 66kB
Indian Black Jet Black... via image
Indian Black Jet Black...
1524 x 897 jpeg 423kB
All kinds of Granite N... via image
All kinds of Granite N...
930 x 930 jpeg 1090kB
Nordic Black | Polycor... via image
Nordic Black | Polycor...
1536 x 1536 jpeg 436kB
Landscape Stone for Ho... via image
Landscape Stone for Ho...
600 x 400 jpeg 110kB
Granite > Natural S... via image
Granite > Natural S...
1200 x 798 jpeg 220kB
Arabian Black Granite ... via image
Arabian Black Granite ...
982 x 982 jpeg 146kB
Black pearl granite - ... via image
Black pearl granite - ...
3058 x 2031 jpeg 1192kB
Black Galaxy Granite |... via image
Black Galaxy Granite |...
600 x 600 jpeg 66kB
Black Galaxy | Colonia... via image
Black Galaxy | Colonia...
800 x 850 jpeg 172kB
The Granite Gurus: Sla... via image
The Granite Gurus: Sla...
1141 x 1141 jpeg 346kB
Granite - GerrityStone... via image
Granite - GerrityStone...
960 x 960 jpeg 1353kB
Granite ABSOLUTE BLACK... via image
1200 x 798 jpeg 264kB
Engineered Quartz - Sc... via image
Engineered Quartz - Sc...
1036 x 998 jpeg 176kB
Cambrian Black | Polyc... via image
Cambrian Black | Polyc...
1536 x 1536 jpeg 501kB
Granite > Natural S... via image
Granite > Natural S...
1200 x 798 jpeg 230kB
Black Granite Tiles - ... via image
Black Granite Tiles - ...
625 x 479 jpeg 38kB
American Black® |... via image
American Black® |...
1600 x 1600 jpeg 772kB
Black & Gold - CDK... via image
Black & Gold - CDK...
900 x 900 jpeg 152kB
Oriental Black Marble ... via image
Oriental Black Marble ...
600 x 600 jpeg 79kB
impala black granite |... via image
impala black granite |...
4041 x 2449 jpeg 6236kB
ABSOLUTE BLACK > Na... via image
2048 x 1536 jpeg 157kB
Kishangarh Marble: Jet... via image
Kishangarh Marble: Jet...
400 x 400 jpeg 43kB