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Gallery photos and information: Black Swan Animal Wallpaper

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Generally, black swans nest in the wetter winter months (February to September), occasionally in large colonies. A black swan nest is essentially a large heap or mound of reeds, grasses and weeds between 1 and 1. 5 metres (3-4½ feet) in diameter and up to 1 metre high, in shallow water or on islands. A nest is reused every year, restored or rebuilt as needed. Both parents share the care of the nest. A typical clutch contains 4 to 8 greenish-white eggs that are incubated for about 35–40 days. Incubation begins after the laying of the last egg, in order to synchronise the hatching of the chicks. Prior to the commencement of incubation the parent will sit over the eggs without actually warming them. Both sexes incubate the eggs, with the female incubating at night. The change over between incubation periods is marked by ritualised displays by both sexes. If eggs accidentally roll out of the nest both sexes will retrieve the egg using the neck (in other swan species only the female performs this feat). Like all swans, black swans will aggressively defend their nests with their wings and beaks. After hatching, the cygnets are tended by the parents for about 9 months until fledging. Cygnets may ride on their parent's back for longer trips into deeper water, but black swans undertake this behaviour less frequently than mute and black-necked swans.

Black swan via image
Black swan
Animal Black Swan Wall... via image
Animal Black Swan Wall...
2560x1440 Animal Black... via image
2560x1440 Animal Black...
Black swans via image
Black swans
Animals Black Swans via image
Animals Black Swans
2048x1363 Animal Black... via image
2048x1363 Animal Black...
Tender moments  Animal... via image
Tender moments Animal...
Animal - Black Swan Wa... via image
Animal - Black Swan Wa...
The Black swan via image
The Black swan
Black Swan - Low Key via image
Black Swan - Low Key
Swan Wallpaper 28 via image
Swan Wallpaper 28
Swan wallpaper 1920x10... via image
Swan wallpaper 1920x10...
Wallpaper ID  527023 via image
Wallpaper ID 527023
Black Swan by cycoze via image
Black Swan by cycoze
Black swan wallpaper via image
Black swan wallpaper
Wallpaper White Swan, ... via image
Wallpaper White Swan, ...
4000 x 2289 jpeg 1290kB
A beautiful swan in th... via image
A beautiful swan in th...
1130 x 635 jpeg 47kB
The Legend of White Bu... via image
The Legend of White Bu...
700 x 966 jpeg 144kB
Anime Girl 4k Ultra HD... via image
Anime Girl 4k Ultra HD...
1920 x 1365 jpeg 296kB
Free photo: Peacock, B... via image
Free photo: Peacock, B...
640 x 480 jpeg 196kB
Funny Donkey! Cute Don... via image
Funny Donkey! Cute Don...
560 x 871 jpeg 49kB
Raccoon Animal World &... via image
Raccoon Animal World &...
640 x 426 jpeg 78kB
Group Of Red Flamingos... via image
Group Of Red Flamingos...
1920 x 1200 jpeg 1443kB
Cool Lion Backgrounds ... via image
Cool Lion Backgrounds ...
1920 x 1200 jpeg 196kB
Owl Wallpaper Best Wal... via image
Owl Wallpaper Best Wal...
1920 x 1440 jpeg 457kB
Phoenix Bird Legendary... via image
Phoenix Bird Legendary...
640 x 640 png 226kB
Giant panda / black an... via image
Giant panda / black an...
2048 x 1152 jpeg 472kB
Fruit High Definition ... via image
Fruit High Definition ...
2560 x 1440 jpeg 881kB
Wolverine | The Flip S... via image
Wolverine | The Flip S...
524 x 792 jpeg 86kB
Women Fire Fantasy Art... via image
Women Fire Fantasy Art...
1920 x 1200 jpeg 416kB
Desktop Wine Grapes Hd... via image
Desktop Wine Grapes Hd...
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White Tiger Baby Pictu... via image
White Tiger Baby Pictu...
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Download Japanese Teen... via image
Download Japanese Teen...
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