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Gallery photos and information: Eastern Coyote

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Adult eastern coyotes are larger than western coyotes, weighing an average of 30-40 lbs, with female eastern coyotes weighing 21% more than male western coyotes. Eastern coyotes also weigh more at birth; while newborn western coyotes weigh 250-300 grams, eastern coyotes weigh 349-360 grams. By the age of 35 days, eastern coyote pups average 1590 grams, 200 grams more than western coyotes of similar age. By this time, physical differences become more apparent, with eastern coyote pups having longer legs than their western counterparts. Differences in dental development also occur, with tooth eruption being later, and in a different order in the eastern coyote. Aside from its size, the eastern coyote is physically not unlike the western coyote; both have erect ears, a straight and bushy tail, a conspicuous supracaudal gland and a narrow chest. There are four color phases, ranging from dark brown to blond or reddish blond, though the most common phase is gray-brown, with reddish legs, ears and flanks. There are no significant differences between eastern and western coyotes in expressing aggression and fighting, though eastern coyotes tend to fight less, and are more playful. Unlike western coyote pups, in which fighting precedes play behavior, fighting among eastern coyote pups occurs after the onset of play. Eastern coyotes tend to reach sexual maturity when they reach two years of age, much later than in western coyotes.

Coyote Sighted Locally... via image
Coyote Sighted Locally...
An Eastern coyote via image
An Eastern coyote
long-term ecological a... via image
long-term ecological a...
Eastern Coyote via image
Eastern Coyote
The eastern coyote  fo... via image
The eastern coyote fo...
ByrneAn eastern coyote... via image
ByrneAn eastern coyote...
to Eastern CoyoteCoywo... via image
to Eastern CoyoteCoywo...
Eastern coyotes Easter... via image
Eastern coyotes Easter...
Eastern Coyote In Wint... via image
Eastern Coyote In Wint...
the eastern coyote  via image
the eastern coyote
discussing eastern coy... via image
discussing eastern coy...
Eastern coyote via image
Eastern coyote
Mom and pup by Andy Ma... via image
Mom and pup by Andy Ma...
FINALLY !!! Pennsylvan... via image
FINALLY !!! Pennsylvan...
273 x 332 png 204kB
Eastern Coyote | Kim S... via image
Eastern Coyote | Kim S...
1565 x 1035 jpeg 2050kB
Eastern Coyote | Kim S... via image
Eastern Coyote | Kim S...
2442 x 1628 jpeg 2456kB
Eastern Coyote - FM Fo... via image
Eastern Coyote - FM Fo...
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The coywolves of Albem... via image
The coywolves of Albem...
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Eastern coyote | Natur... via image
Eastern coyote | Natur...
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Wolves, Wolf Facts, Co... via image
Wolves, Wolf Facts, Co...
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Coyotes Sighted in Ple... via image
Coyotes Sighted in Ple...
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Coyote | GoodMorningGl... via image
Coyote | GoodMorningGl...
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Wolves in your Backyar... via image
Wolves in your Backyar...
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Eastern Coyote Pic via image
Eastern Coyote Pic
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Are Eastern Coyotes Ha... via image
Are Eastern Coyotes Ha...
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Eastern Coyote in the ... via image
Eastern Coyote in the ...
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Canis oriens is not a ... via image
Canis oriens is not a ...
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ECR Store | Eastern Co... via image
ECR Store | Eastern Co...
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Why the eastern coyote... via image
Why the eastern coyote...
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Eastern Coyote | Flick... via image
Eastern Coyote | Flick...
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Yes, eastern coyotes a... via image
Yes, eastern coyotes a...
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Coywolf Gallery | East... via image
Coywolf Gallery | East...
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Eastern Coyote (Canis ... via image
Eastern Coyote (Canis ...
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EMBARK: The eastern co... via image
EMBARK: The eastern co...
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Naturally New England:... via image
Naturally New England:...
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Eastern Coyote | Flick... via image
Eastern Coyote | Flick...
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Learn about coyotes | ... via image
Learn about coyotes | ...
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Eastern Coyote via image
Eastern Coyote
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A Separate Species: th... via image
A Separate Species: th...
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Macphail Woods: Easter... via image
Macphail Woods: Easter...
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Eastern Coyote | Flick... via image
Eastern Coyote | Flick...
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