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Gallery photos and information: Elephant Gun Bullet

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These very large and very heavy firearms were the first to be known as the elephant guns of the black powder era (1850–1890), though their use also included all thick-skinned dangerous game such as rhinoceros, hippopotamus and cape buffalo. Due to the velocity limitations of black powder and lead—usually around 1,500 feet per second (460 m/s)—the only way to increase penetration was to make a larger gun. The largest bore guns in common use (and bore rifles with the advent of breech loading and rifling in the late 19th century) included the 4 bore, using a 2,000-grain (130 g) slug at up to 1,400 ft/s (430 m/s). Despite their enormous power, the short low-velocity slugs still suffered the penetration issues which plagued guns of this era, particularly for the toughest shot of all: defeating the bone mass for a frontal brain shot on an elephant. Thus, dangerous game hunting in the 19th century was as much a test of the gun-bearer's ability to relay guns to the hunter, and of horsemanship to evade charges long enough to reload.

Guns via image
Elephant Gun Loads  via image
Elephant Gun Loads
The headstamps for the... via image
The headstamps for the...
Tank warfare during Wa... via image
Tank warfare during Wa...
4 3mm-7 62mm via image
4 3mm-7 62mm
April 2010 Machine Gun... via image
April 2010 Machine Gun...
Elephant gun  Archive ... via image
Elephant gun Archive ...
It shoot  60 cal eleph... via image
It shoot 60 cal eleph...
your trusty elephant g... via image
your trusty elephant g...
He could use any gun o... via image
He could use any gun o...
He could use any gun o... via image
He could use any gun o...
Elephant Gun via image
Elephant Gun
double 8ga elephant gu... via image
double 8ga elephant gu...
See what a 750 Grain b... via image
See what a 750 Grain b...
474 x 246 jpeg 34kB
Forums.NitroExpress.co... via image
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Ammo and Gun Collector... via image
Ammo and Gun Collector...
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An In-Depth Profile of... via image
An In-Depth Profile of...
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TonyRogers.com - Pfeif... via image
TonyRogers.com - Pfeif...
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Best Large-Bore Huntin... via image
Best Large-Bore Huntin...
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Malala Just Opened a S... via image
Malala Just Opened a S...
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Safari Bullet Pouch ... via image
Safari Bullet Pouch ...
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Perfect Pair - Fuchs F... via image
Perfect Pair - Fuchs F...
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22 Wonderful Gun Tatto... via image
22 Wonderful Gun Tatto...
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Colt Woodsman - Intern... via image
Colt Woodsman - Intern...
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Rocket #1 via image
Rocket #1
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Cat 6
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