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Gallery photos and information: European Bison Range

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Historically, the lowland European bison's range encompassed all lowlands of Europe, extending from the Massif Central to the Volga River and the Caucasus. It may have once lived in the Asiatic part of what is now the Russian Federation. Its range decreased as human populations expanded cutting down forests. The last references (Oppian, Claudius Aelianus) to the animal in the transitional Mediterranean/Continental biogeographical region in the Balkans in the area of modern borderline between Greece, Macedonia and Bulgaria date to 3rd century AD. The population of Gaul was extinct in the 8th century AD. The European bison became extinct in southern Sweden in the 11th century, and Southern England in the 12th. The species survived in the Ardennes and the Vosges Mountains until the 15th century. In the Early Middle Ages, the wisent apparently still occurred in the forest steppes east of the Urals, in the Altay Mountains, and seems to have reached Lake Baikal in the east. The northern boundary in the Holocene was probably around 60°N in Finland.

European Bison Range M... via image
European Bison Range M...
of German bison range ... via image
of German bison range ...
1  30 European bison c... via image
1 30 European bison c...
Bison European Habitat... via image
Bison European Habitat...
 Bison bison map via image
Bison bison map
Remaining bison range ... via image
Remaining bison range ...
30  30 via image
30 30
European bison resting... via image
European bison resting...
Brown Bear Range Map  ... via image
Brown Bear Range Map ...
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600 x 315 jpeg 23kB
European bison photo -... via image
European bison photo -...
650 x 435 jpeg 58kB
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European Bison Facts, ...
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What is the difference...
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Bison Hunting – The ...
640 x 480 jpeg 79kB
Male & Female Biso... via image
Male & Female Biso...
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Barred Owl Drawing
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Barred Owl Vs Spotted ...
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Hyundai Mighty - Wikip...
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iPod touch, nano and s...
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Barred Owl Nest Box
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