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Gallery photos and information: Farm Animals Images For Kids

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The enclosure of livestock in pastures and barns is a relatively new development in the history of agriculture. When cattle are enclosed, the type of 'enclosure' may vary from a small crate, a large fenced pasture or a paddock. The type of feed may vary from natural growing grass, to animal feed. Animals are usually intentionally bred through artificial insemination or through supervised mating. Indoor production systems are typically used for pigs, dairy cattle and poultry, as well as for veal cattle, dairy goats and other animals, depending on the region and season. Animals kept indoors are generally farmed intensively, as large space requirements would make indoor farming unprofitable and impossible. However, indoor farming systems are controversial due to the waste they produce, odour problems, the potential for groundwater contamination and animal welfare concerns. (For further discussion on intensively farmed livestock, see factory farming, and intensive pig farming). Livestock source verification is used to track livestock.

iPad Screenshot 1 via image
iPad Screenshot 1
Kids Activity Farm Ani... via image
Kids Activity Farm Ani...
Farm Animals 1 flashca... via image
Farm Animals 1 flashca...
To get a copy of this via image
To get a copy of this
Kids World - Happy Far... via image
Kids World - Happy Far...
Set with cartoon farm ... via image
Set with cartoon farm ...
Letter To Mcdonald s F... via image
Letter To Mcdonald s F...
To get a copy of this via image
To get a copy of this
farm animals for kids via image
farm animals for kids
Hang Shuntoys Farm Ani... via image
Hang Shuntoys Farm Ani...
Colour In Farm Animals... via image
Colour In Farm Animals...
1754 x 1240 jpeg 213kB
Aquarium color page via image
Aquarium color page
567 x 794 gif 24kB
General Animals 1 Word... via image
General Animals 1 Word...
300 x 278 png 5kB
Free Pre School Kinder... via image
Free Pre School Kinder...
2550 x 3300 png 180kB
English_Vocabulary Dom... via image
English_Vocabulary Dom...
789 x 507 png 399kB
What the Ladybird Hear... via image
What the Ladybird Hear...
1000 x 502 jpeg 112kB
A Board Game Stock Vec... via image
A Board Game Stock Vec...
1300 x 1007 jpeg 246kB
Moon Farm (song) | Phi... via image
Moon Farm (song) | Phi...
1280 x 720 jpeg 248kB
Vertical Drop Slides -... via image
Vertical Drop Slides -...
600 x 400 jpeg 182kB
Royalty-Free cartoon f... via image
Royalty-Free cartoon f...
300 x 300 jpeg 29kB
Happy Face Emoji Smile... via image
Happy Face Emoji Smile...
1000 x 1000 jpeg 78kB
จระเข้ ภ... via image
จระเข้ ภ...
450 x 470 jpeg 18kB
Free drawing of Nutcra... via image
Free drawing of Nutcra...
460 x 509 gif 16kB
The Big Baobab Limpopo... via image
The Big Baobab Limpopo...
350 x 262 jpeg 49kB
Angus Cattle Paintings... via image
Angus Cattle Paintings...
1200 x 896 jpeg 78kB