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Gallery photos and information: Golden Langur

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At around the time of India's independence in 1947 a number of other sightings were reported. In February 1947, in the Forest Rest House visitor's book in Raimona, a few miles south of Jamduar, C. G. Baron reported seeing some langurs whose "whole body and tail is one colour – a light silvery-gold, somewhat like the hair of a blonde. " A year later, back in Jamduar, H. E. Tyndale, a tea planter, reported seeing "Sankosh cream langurs. " However, it wasn't until a few years later that a focused effort to identify the golden langur was mounted by E. P. Gee, who traveled to Jamduar in November 1953. His team were able to observe three groups of golden langurs, all on the east bank of the Sankosh river. The first group was observed on the Bhutan side of the border; the second group, a large one of 30 to 40 individuals, a mile north of Jamduar on the Indian side; and a third group four to five miles (6. 44 km to 8. 05 km) south near Raimona. Colour movies of the second group were made by Gee.

Image by Pankaj Kausha... via image
Image by Pankaj Kausha...
Golden langur  via image
Golden langur
Golden Langur via image
Golden Langur
Golden Langur Conserva... via image
Golden Langur Conserva...
The Golden Langur is via image
The Golden Langur is
  IMG  via image
Golden Langur via image
Golden Langur
Birds via image
Gee s Golden Langur  via image
Gee s Golden Langur
Golden Langur  Omanand... via image
Golden Langur Omanand...
Golden langur at rest via image
Golden langur at rest
Golden Langur with Spo... via image
Golden Langur with Spo...
Gee s Golden Langur via image
Gee s Golden Langur
Wild Life in India | A... via image
Wild Life in India | A...
2000 x 1500 jpeg 334kB
Golden Langur- The Liv... via image
Golden Langur- The Liv...
650 x 433 jpeg 106kB
Edward Pritchard Gee -... via image
Edward Pritchard Gee -...
3008 x 2000 jpeg 2747kB
knowledge pedia : phot... via image
knowledge pedia : phot...
800 x 536 jpeg 225kB
301 Moved Permanently via image
301 Moved Permanently
1024 x 683 jpeg 134kB
Golden Langur | Indian... via image
Golden Langur | Indian...
1565 x 1080 jpeg 328kB
Bhutan pictures - Bhut... via image
Bhutan pictures - Bhut...
800 x 532 jpeg 109kB
Mahendra Singh Photos ... via image
Mahendra Singh Photos ...
1024 x 680 jpeg 561kB
Scientists Discover Ne... via image
Scientists Discover Ne...
2400 x 1601 jpeg 3970kB
Gee's golden langur (T... via image
Gee's golden langur (T...
564 x 503 jpeg 62kB
Bhutan - Golden Langur... via image
Bhutan - Golden Langur...
1024 x 680 jpeg 127kB
Golden Langur | Projec... via image
Golden Langur | Projec...
1200 x 900 jpeg 159kB
Gee's Golden Langur, G... via image
Gee's Golden Langur, G...
1300 x 964 jpeg 208kB
Wildlife in India - on... via image
Wildlife in India - on...
800 x 551 jpeg 164kB
Rare Golden Langurs Sa... via image
Rare Golden Langurs Sa...
500 x 319 jpeg 80kB
Assam's golden langur ... via image
Assam's golden langur ...
973 x 610 jpeg 108kB
Golden Langur - Trachy... via image
Golden Langur - Trachy...
1024 x 868 jpeg 428kB
Manas National Park | ... via image
Manas National Park | ...
1024 x 683 jpeg 110kB
An Overview Of The Bes... via image
An Overview Of The Bes...
5184 x 3456 jpeg 8568kB
Bhutan - Golden Langur... via image
Bhutan - Golden Langur...
1024 x 733 jpeg 154kB
Bhutan - Golden Langur... via image
Bhutan - Golden Langur...
1024 x 735 jpeg 182kB
golden langur | Conser... via image
golden langur | Conser...
500 x 375 jpeg 108kB
Bhutan - Golden Langur... via image
Bhutan - Golden Langur...
1024 x 738 jpeg 173kB
Golden langur Photo by... via image
Golden langur Photo by...
1000 x 1333 jpeg 208kB
Golden Langur | A Gold... via image
Golden Langur | A Gold...
500 x 333 jpeg 76kB
Golden langur videos, ... via image
Golden langur videos, ...
650 x 428 jpeg 62kB
BBC Nature - Golden la... via image
BBC Nature - Golden la...
640 x 395 jpeg 49kB
Opinions on golden lan... via image
Opinions on golden lan...
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