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Gallery photos and information: Iranian Cheetah Wallpaper

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The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world. It was previously thought that the body temperature of a cheetah increases during a hunt due to high metabolic activity. In a short period of time during a chase, a cheetah may produce 60 times more heat than at rest, with much of the heat, produced from glycolysis, stored to possibly raise the body temperature. The claim was supported by data from experiments in which two cheetahs ran on a treadmill for minutes on end but contradicted by studies in natural settings, which indicate that body temperature stays relatively the same during a hunt. A 2013 study suggested stress hyperthermia and a slight increase in body temperature after a hunt. The cheetah's nervousness after a hunt may induce stress hyperthermia, which involves high sympathetic nervous activity and raises the body temperature. After a hunt, the risk of another predator taking their kill is great and the cheetah is on high alert and stressed. The increased sympathetic activity prepares the cheetah's body to run when another predator approaches. In the 2013 study, even the cheetah that did not chase the prey experienced an increase in body temperature once the prey was caught, showing increased sympathetic activity.

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International Cheetah ... via image
International Cheetah ...
Song For Iranian Cheet... via image
Song For Iranian Cheet...
the iranian cheetah wa... via image
the iranian cheetah wa...
Animals Cheetahs Wallp... via image
Animals Cheetahs Wallp...
Cheetah wallpaper via image
Cheetah wallpaper
Cheetah backgrounds via image
Cheetah backgrounds
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Cheetah Latest HD Wall...
Cheetah Wallpaper via image
Cheetah Wallpaper
Cheetah via image
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Animals Cheetahs Wallp... via image
Animals Cheetahs Wallp...
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Posted Image
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Animals on the Verge o...
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24/7 Protection for Or...
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Cheetah Fight Wallpape...
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Free Download Cute Bab...
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Monkey Hanging On Tree
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