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Gallery photos and information: Japanese Restaurant Logo

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Rice is served in its own small bowl (chawan), and each course item is placed on its own small plate (sara) or bowl (hachi) for each individual portion. This is done even at home. It contrasts with the Western-style dinners at home, where each individual takes helpings from the large serving dishes of food presented at the middle of the dining table. Japanese style traditionally abhors different flavored dishes touching each other on a single plate, so different dishes are given their own individual plates as mentioned, or are partitioned using leaves, etc. This is why in take-out sushi the tamagoyaki egg and fish, or Blue-backed fish and white-fleshed fish are carefully separated. Placing okazu on top of rice and "soiling" it is also frowned upon by old-fashioned etiquette. Though this tradition originated from Classical Chinese dining formalities, especially after the adoption of Buddhism with it's tea ceremony, and became most popular and common during and after the Kamakura period, such as the Kaiseki. Japanese cuisine keeps such tradition still, whereas in modern times such practice is in sharp contrast to present day Chinese cuisine, where placing food on rice is standard, However the exception is the popular donburi.

Japanese Restaurant Id... via image
Japanese Restaurant Id...
style japanese restaur... via image
style japanese restaur...
Japanese restaurant lo... via image
Japanese restaurant lo...
Logo Design by shirlei... via image
Logo Design by shirlei...
Japanese Restaurant via image
Japanese Restaurant
restaurant-logo-design... via image
Retail Property For Sa... via image
Retail Property For Sa...
Japanese Restaurant Lo... via image
Japanese Restaurant Lo...
Kiri Japanese via image
Kiri Japanese
Poolside Restaurant via image
Poolside Restaurant
Nippon japanese restau... via image
Nippon japanese restau...
Shinobu Japanese Resta... via image
Shinobu Japanese Resta...
sushi logo aki temaki via image
sushi logo aki temaki
Japanese Restaurant Lo... via image
Japanese Restaurant Lo...
201301122111230 png via image
201301122111230 png
for a Japanese restaur... via image
for a Japanese restaur...
london - SUSHISAMBA via image
900 x 675 jpeg 308kB
japanese-menu-design -... via image
japanese-menu-design -...
800 x 518 jpeg 173kB
Tisumi | Japanese Rest... via image
Tisumi | Japanese Rest...
670 x 470 jpeg 295kB
Tumamigui Sushi Restau... via image
Tumamigui Sushi Restau...
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Japanese Restaurant Me... via image
Japanese Restaurant Me...
670 x 1131 png 1555kB
Yazdani Bakery - Wikip... via image
Yazdani Bakery - Wikip...
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Max's in LA food criti... via image
Max's in LA food criti...
720 x 480 jpeg 61kB
Aki Matsuri: Japanese ... via image
Aki Matsuri: Japanese ...
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Ramen Cartoons, Illust... via image
Ramen Cartoons, Illust...
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In Japan, ‘Alice In ... via image
In Japan, ‘Alice In ...
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The restaurant "E... via image
The restaurant "E...
4724 x 3543 jpeg 9366kB
Restaurant Marrakesh |... via image
Restaurant Marrakesh |...
652 x 367 jpeg 88kB
Itsu - AfroditiKrassa via image
Itsu - AfroditiKrassa
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19 Creative Business C... via image
19 Creative Business C...
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Are Workplace Robots Y... via image
Are Workplace Robots Y...
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Hotel Royal Hoi An | H... via image
Hotel Royal Hoi An | H...
1512 x 1080 jpeg 319kB