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Gallery photos and information: Jawed Vertebrates

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Newer research suggests that a branch of Placoderms most likely was the ancestors of present-day gnathostomes. A 419-million-year-old fossil of a placoderm named Entelognathus had a bony skeleton and anatomical details associated with cartilaginous and bony fish, demonstrating that the absence of a bony skeleton in Chondrichthyes is a derived trait. The fossil findings of primitive bony fishes such as Guiyu oneiros and Psarolepis, which lived contemporaneously with Entelognathus and had pelvic girdles more in common with placoderms than with other bony fish, show that it was a relative rather than a direct ancestor of the extant gnathostomes. It also indicates that spiny sharks and Chondrichthyes represent a single sister group to the bony fishes. Fossils findings of juvenile placoderms, which had true teeth that grew on the surface of the jawbone and had no roots, making it impossible to replace or regrow as they broke or wore down as they grew older, proves the common ancestor of all gnathostomes had teeth and place the origin of teeth along with, or soon after, the evolution of jaws.

 jawed-vertebrates  via image
of jawed vertebrates s... via image
of jawed vertebrates s...
a  Reproductive modes ... via image
a Reproductive modes ...
of jawed vertebrates i... via image
of jawed vertebrates i...
jawed vertebrates  via image
jawed vertebrates
Fig  1  via image
Fig 1
Gnathostomata via image
and the jawed vertebra... via image
and the jawed vertebra...
to jawed vertebrates w... via image
to jawed vertebrates w...
vertebrate face and br... via image
vertebrate face and br...
Fig  4  via image
Fig 4
in vertebrate evolutio... via image
in vertebrate evolutio...
New Tree of Life Chall... via image
New Tree of Life Chall...
1753 x 799 jpeg 266kB
Untitled Document [bio... via image
Untitled Document [bio...
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A fragment of Gondwana... via image
A fragment of Gondwana...
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Introduction to Verteb... via image
Introduction to Verteb...
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First Jawed Fish Had O... via image
First Jawed Fish Had O...
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Here's Why an Ancient ... via image
Here's Why an Ancient ...
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The (Now Older) Age of... via image
The (Now Older) Age of...
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Part XIV: Evolution of... via image
Part XIV: Evolution of...
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Teleost - Simple Engli... via image
Teleost - Simple Engli...
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Primitive Fish Had Ana... via image
Primitive Fish Had Ana...
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vertebrates - Crosswor... via image
vertebrates - Crosswor...
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Placoderm definition/m... via image
Placoderm definition/m...
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BIO 3010 Study Guide (... via image
BIO 3010 Study Guide (...
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Polyclonal B cell resp... via image
Polyclonal B cell resp...
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Untitled Document [bio... via image
Untitled Document [bio...
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Scientific names expla... via image
Scientific names expla...
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What features the vert... via image
What features the vert...
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lampreys | windycitize... via image
lampreys | windycitize...
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Prehistoric Fish via image
Prehistoric Fish
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Prehistoric Fish via image
Prehistoric Fish
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