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Gallery photos and information: M Tigrex Cortex

M Tigrex   MonsterHunt... via image
M Tigrex MonsterHunt...
MH4-Molten Tigrex Scre... via image
MH4-Molten Tigrex Scre...
Tigrex  toracci76  Tag... via image
Tigrex toracci76 Tag...
MHRoC-Tigrex Art 001 via image
MHRoC-Tigrex Art 001
raging tigrex via image
raging tigrex
I m finding my kills t... via image
I m finding my kills t...
Tigrex 3 Rathalos - Mo... via image
Tigrex 3 Rathalos - Mo...
While swords and cool ... via image
While swords and cool ...
After farming M  Tigre... via image
After farming M Tigre...
MH4-Long Sword Render ... via image
MH4-Long Sword Render ...
MH4U-Kecha Z Armor via image
MH4U-Kecha Z Armor
MH4U-Najarala Z Armor via image
MH4U-Najarala Z Armor