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Gallery photos and information: Maine Coon 1 An

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Pet insurance data from Sweden puts the median lifespan of the Maine Coon at >12. 5 years. 74% lived to 10 years or more and 54% lived to 12. 5 years or more. Maine Coons are generally a healthy and hardy breed and have adapted to survive the New England climate. The most severe threat is feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM), the most common heart disease seen in cats, whether pure bred or not. In Maine Coons, it is thought to be inherited as an autosomal dominant trait. Middle-aged to older cats as well as males are thought to be predisposed to the disease. HCM is a progressive disease and can result in heart failure, paralysis of the hind legs due to clot embolization originating in the heart, and sudden death. A specific mutation that causes HCM is seen in Maine Coons for which testing services are offered. Of all the Maine Coons tested for the MyBPC mutation at the Veterinary Cardiac Genetics Lab at the College of Veterinary Medicine located at Washington State University, approximately one-third tested positive. Not all cats that tested positive will have clinical signs of the disease and some Maine Coon cats with clinical evidence of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy test negative for this mutation, strongly suggesting that a second mutation exists in the breed. The HCM prevalence was found to be 10. 1% (95% CI 5. 8 -14. 3 % ) in this study.

Falbala Maine Coon via image
Falbala Maine Coon
Photo from via image
Photo from
d 1 an  croise Main Co... via image
d 1 an croise Main Co...
Male Maine Coon via image
Male Maine Coon
Maine coon  1 year old... via image
Maine coon 1 year old...
Chamane via image
Maine Coon 1 Year Old ... via image
Maine Coon 1 Year Old ...
Maine Coon via image
Maine Coon
I have a PB Maine Coon... via image
I have a PB Maine Coon...
Chatons Maine coon via image
Chatons Maine coon
maine-coon-2 jpg via image
maine-coon-2 jpg
Breed Maine Coon via image
Breed Maine Coon
Elphinstone Maine Coon... via image
Elphinstone Maine Coon...
400 x 600 jpeg 43kB
Maine Coon von der Alt... via image
Maine Coon von der Alt...
1143 x 964 jpeg 194kB
Foto's | Charcoons.jou... via image
Foto's | Charcoons.jou...
1280 x 720 jpeg 87kB
Maine Coon | Maine Coo... via image
Maine Coon | Maine Coo...
736 x 732 jpeg 75kB
Koty rasowe Maine Coon... via image
Koty rasowe Maine Coon...
1443 x 1080 jpeg 184kB
Цитаты со см... via image
Цитаты со см...
700 x 590 jpeg 125kB
I Bellissimi Gatti Mai... via image
I Bellissimi Gatti Mai...
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宠物猫摄影图__... via image
1024 x 768 jpeg 188kB
Cattery Ashamta Nephty... via image
Cattery Ashamta Nephty...
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Flash via image
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Allevamenti gatto Main... via image
Allevamenti gatto Main...
639 x 332 jpeg 23kB
Poodle - Breeds Campai... via image
Poodle - Breeds Campai...
1024 x 725 jpeg 739kB
Koty rasowe Maine Coon... via image
Koty rasowe Maine Coon...
1152 x 864 jpeg 125kB
欧美网友争相晒... via image
800 x 579 jpeg 59kB
Maine coon - katten, m... via image
Maine coon - katten, m...
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Mooie ogen | Kattenbel... via image
Mooie ogen | Kattenbel...
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chatterie via image
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Katten meubels via image
Katten meubels
658 x 495 png 708kB
Kot brytyjski kró... via image
Kot brytyjski kró...
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Chat humoristique! : T... via image
Chat humoristique! : T...
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