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Gallery photos and information: Newborn Baby Gopher

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In utero, the infant can hear many internal noises, such as the sound of digestion, and the mother's heartbeat, in addition to external noises including the human voice, music and most other sounds. Therefore, though a newborn's ears may have some catarrh and fluid, he or she can hear sound from before birth. Newborns usually respond more readily to a female voice over a male voice. This may explain why people will unknowingly raise the pitch of their voice when talking to newborns (this voice change is called motherese). The sound of other human voices, especially the mother's, can have a calming or soothing effect on the newborn. Conversely, loud or sudden noises will startle and scare them. Newborns have been shown to prefer sounds that were a regular feature of their prenatal environment, for example, the theme tune of a television programme their mother watched regularly. Naturally, the rhythm of the mother's breathing and heartbeat are even more familiar to the newborn, therefore they will prefer or expect to hear it regularly for prolonged periods.

gopher alberta flood via image
gopher alberta flood
What Does A Gopher Loo... via image
What Does A Gopher Loo...
What Does A Gopher Loo... via image
What Does A Gopher Loo...
A Baby with a Baby Gop... via image
A Baby with a Baby Gop...
Pocket Gopher via image
Pocket Gopher
Newborn baby squirrels... via image
Newborn baby squirrels...
newborn raccoons via image
newborn raccoons
- Gopher Tortoise Ask ... via image
- Gopher Tortoise Ask ...
Newborn echidna via image
Newborn echidna
The last pictures  dat... via image
The last pictures dat...
Newborn squirrel or Ra... via image
Newborn squirrel or Ra...
Pocket gophers  Northe... via image
Pocket gophers Northe...
newborn  baby girl Jas... via image
newborn baby girl Jas...
A baby gopher snake I ... via image
A baby gopher snake I ...
What do baby rattlesna... via image
What do baby rattlesna...
275 x 183 jpeg 10kB
Baby Rattlesnake Diet ... via image
Baby Rattlesnake Diet ...
400 x 267 jpeg 38kB
Bull-Pine-Gopher Snake... via image
Bull-Pine-Gopher Snake...
600 x 450 jpeg 42kB
Hatchling Eating Stock... via image
Hatchling Eating Stock...
1300 x 894 jpeg 83kB
Groundhog | Etsy via image
Groundhog | Etsy
340 x 270 jpeg 23kB
Gopher Tortoise - Birt... via image
Gopher Tortoise - Birt...
480 x 360 jpeg 17kB
Go Diego Go T03E11 Sav... via image
Go Diego Go T03E11 Sav...
526 x 297 jpeg 37kB
243 best How bout them... via image
243 best How bout them...
304 x 336 jpeg 20kB
Sea Turtle Hatchlings:... via image
Sea Turtle Hatchlings:...
582 x 447 jpeg 84kB
Born Addicted NAS | Do... via image
Born Addicted NAS | Do...
480 x 360 jpeg 20kB
Crafty Geo-gopher: Mat... via image
Crafty Geo-gopher: Mat...
1200 x 1600 jpeg 420kB
All Animals Together I... via image
All Animals Together I...
2962 x 2100 jpeg 782kB
Tortoise Images, Stock... via image
Tortoise Images, Stock...
390 x 280 jpeg 37kB
Puppy portrait. via image
Puppy portrait.
550 x 825 jpeg 22kB