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Gallery photos and information: Number 1 Siberian Husky

Wiki info

The glyph used today in the Western world to represent the number 1, a vertical line, often with a serif at the top and sometimes a short horizontal line at the bottom, traces its roots back to the Indians, who wrote 1 as a horizontal line, much like the Chinese character 一. The Gupta wrote it as a curved line, and the Nagari sometimes added a small circle on the left (rotated a quarter turn to the right, this 9-look-alike became the present day numeral 1 in the Gujarati and Punjabi scripts). The Nepali also rotated it to the right but kept the circle small. This eventually became the top serif in the modern numeral, but the occasional short horizontal line at the bottom probably originates from similarity with the Roman numeral . In some countries, the little serif at the top is sometimes extended into a long upstroke, sometimes as long as the vertical line, which can lead to confusion with the glyph for seven in other countries. Where the 1 is written with a long upstroke, the number 7 has a horizontal stroke through the vertical line.

Haze is always happy n... via image
Haze is always happy n...
Apollo the Siberian Hu... via image
Apollo the Siberian Hu...
Haze the Siberian Husk... via image
Haze the Siberian Husk...
white wooly Siberian H... via image
white wooly Siberian H...
Siberian Husky  1 year... via image
Siberian Husky 1 year...
Ice  Siberian Husky  via image
Ice Siberian Husky
Siberian huskies can t... via image
Siberian huskies can t...
File history via image
File history
File history via image
File history
Full resolution  via image
Full resolution
Full resolution  via image
Full resolution
  Shylah  my Siberian ... via image
Shylah my Siberian ...
Siberian Husky via image
Siberian Husky
The Number 1 Siberian ... via image
The Number 1 Siberian ...
Siberian Husky Club of... via image
Siberian Husky Club of...
aladdin-siberian-husky... via image
Siberian Husky - Dog B... via image
Siberian Husky - Dog B...
600 x 400 jpeg 19kB
Pop! Pets Siberian Hus... via image
Pop! Pets Siberian Hus...
500 x 500 jpeg 33kB
Monster Royalty Free S... via image
Monster Royalty Free S...
1300 x 1237 jpeg 103kB
Cute Bulldog Puppy Wit... via image
Cute Bulldog Puppy Wit...
600 x 437 jpeg 161kB
Husky Lying Stock Imag... via image
Husky Lying Stock Imag...
800 x 853 jpeg 69kB
File:Black and White W... via image
File:Black and White W...
2112 x 1796 jpeg 1847kB
Florida Dog Models - F... via image
Florida Dog Models - F...
605 x 400 png 305kB
Saarloos Wolfdog Breed... via image
Saarloos Wolfdog Breed...
1280 x 853 jpeg 209kB
Hugo Chávez dice ... via image
Hugo Chávez dice ...
608 x 566 jpeg 60kB
husky / ლაიკ... via image
husky / ლაიკ...
500 x 375 jpeg 22kB
Chow-chow - Caract... via image
Chow-chow - Caract...
532 x 798 jpeg 94kB
Schüttewelt - Was... via image
Schüttewelt - Was...
787 x 611 jpeg 181kB
Beer kills the weak br... via image
Beer kills the weak br...
512 x 512 jpeg 35kB
Online Buy Wholesale p... via image
Online Buy Wholesale p...
1000 x 990 jpeg 112kB
Hey Crabman T-Shirt via image
Hey Crabman T-Shirt
512 x 512 jpeg 35kB
Last Chances Puppy Mil... via image
Last Chances Puppy Mil...
559 x 566 jpeg 106kB
The world's most photo... via image
The world's most photo...
634 x 805 jpeg 138kB
Italian Basket Muzzle ... via image
Italian Basket Muzzle ...
567 x 452 jpeg 39kB