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Gallery photos and information: Pigeye Shark

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Though widely distributed in the tropical and subtropical marine waters of Eurasia, Africa, and Oceania, the pigeye shark does not appear to be common anywhere. Existing records are patchy, and the full extent of its range may be obscured by confusion with the bull shark. In the eastern Atlantic, it is found off Cape Verde and Senegal, and from Nigeria to Namibia; there is a single Mediterranean record from off Crotone, Italy. It occurs all along the continental periphery of the Indian Ocean, from eastern South Africa to the Arabian Peninsula (including Madagascar, the Seychelles, and Mauritius), to Southeast Asia and northern Australia. Its range extends into the Pacific, northward to the Philippines and southern China, and eastward to New Guinea and some Micronesian islands. Tagging and genetic data indicate that pigeye sharks, particularly juveniles, are not strongly migratory and tend to remain in a local area. The longest recorded distance covered by an adult is 1,080 km (670 mi).

Pigeye Shark via image
Pigeye Shark
The pigeye is a large ... via image
The pigeye is a large ...
Carcharhinus amboinens... via image
Carcharhinus amboinens...
Pigeye Shark Carcharhi... via image
Pigeye Shark Carcharhi...
 Pigeye or Java shark ... via image
Pigeye or Java shark ...
Picture of a Pigeye sh... via image
Picture of a Pigeye sh...
Galapagos Shark - Carc... via image
Galapagos Shark - Carc...
Smalltooth Sand Tiger ... via image
Smalltooth Sand Tiger ...
pig-eye and bull shark... via image
pig-eye and bull shark...
Silvertip Shark via image
Silvertip Shark
Bull Shark Large Image... via image
Bull Shark Large Image...
Galapagos Shark  Carch... via image
Galapagos Shark Carch...
                      ... via image
Bull-Shark via image
Pigeye shark - Wikiped... via image
Pigeye shark - Wikiped...
280 x 133 jpeg 12kB
pigeye shark rigged 3d... via image
pigeye shark rigged 3d...
250 x 250 jpeg 6kB
Three shark species at... via image
Three shark species at...
203 x 152 jpeg 13kB
Silky shark via image
Silky shark
600 x 280 jpeg 51kB
Carcharhinus amboinens... via image
Carcharhinus amboinens...
496 x 302 jpeg 17kB
Sandbar shark via image
Sandbar shark
600 x 370 jpeg 57kB
Ever caught one of tho... via image
Ever caught one of tho...
450 x 600 jpeg 57kB
Carcharhinus -- Discov... via image
Carcharhinus -- Discov...
240 x 164 jpeg 7kB
Category:Vertebrate | ... via image
Category:Vertebrate | ...
40 x 30 jpeg 0kB
Carcharhinus - Wikiped... via image
Carcharhinus - Wikiped...
120 x 68 jpeg 2kB
Caribbean Reef Shark J... via image
Caribbean Reef Shark J...
200 x 150 jpeg 4kB
Sparkling Cherub Butte... via image
Sparkling Cherub Butte...
600 x 563 jpeg 99kB