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Gallery photos and information: Sea Horse Clipart

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Anatomical evidence, supported by molecular, physical, and genetic evidence, demonstrates seahorses are highly modified pipefish. The fossil record of seahorses, however, is very sparse. The best known and best studied fossils are specimens of H. guttulatus (though literature more commonly refers to them under the synonym of H. ramulosus), from the Marecchia River Formation of Rimini Province, Italy, dating back to the Lower Pliocene, about 3 million years ago. The earliest known seahorse fossils are of two pipefish-like species, H. sarmaticus and H. slovenicus from the coprolitic horizon of Tunjice Hills, a middle Miocene lagerstätte in Slovenia dating back about 13 million years. Molecular dating finds that pipefish and seahorses diverged during the Late Oligocene. This has led to speculation that seahorses evolved in response to large areas of shallow water, newly created as the result of tectonic events. The shallow water would have allowed the expansion of seagrass habitats that selected for the camouflage offered by the seahorses’ upright posture. These tectonic changes occurred in the western Pacific Ocean, pointing to an origin there, with molecular data suggesting two later, separate invasions of the Atlantic Ocean.

Download via image
Download via image
Seahorse via image
Free Sea Horse Clip Ar... via image
Free Sea Horse Clip Ar...
Cute Seahorse Cartoon via image
Cute Seahorse Cartoon
Cartoon Character Seah... via image
Cartoon Character Seah...
Seahorse Clip Art via image
Seahorse Clip Art
Clipart Happy Green Se... via image
Clipart Happy Green Se...
sea clipart sea-horse-... via image
sea clipart sea-horse-...
Seahorse via image
Happy Green Seahorse b... via image
Happy Green Seahorse b...
Seahorse Clip Art via image
Seahorse Clip Art
Seahorse Clip Art via image
Seahorse Clip Art
Sea Horse 350pcs Puzz'... via image
Sea Horse 350pcs Puzz'...
600 x 600 jpeg 52kB
Clipart - yellow seaho... via image
Clipart - yellow seaho...
1678 x 2400 png 344kB
Mermaid clipart border... via image
Mermaid clipart border...
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Clipart of a Black and... via image
Clipart of a Black and...
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Set Of Sea Animals Sto... via image
Set Of Sea Animals Sto...
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Cowboy vector silhouet... via image
Cowboy vector silhouet...
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Sea Crab Shellfish col... via image
Sea Crab Shellfish col...
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Horse stock photo. Ima... via image
Horse stock photo. Ima...
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Cute Tiger Cartoon Sto... via image
Cute Tiger Cartoon Sto...
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Vintage Nursery Rhyme ... via image
Vintage Nursery Rhyme ...
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Pretty Young Girl Ridi... via image
Pretty Young Girl Ridi...
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Zentangle Stylized Ele... via image
Zentangle Stylized Ele...
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Fire Pegasus. Stock Im... via image
Fire Pegasus. Stock Im...
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Pacific Desert Island ... via image
Pacific Desert Island ...
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