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Gallery photos and information: Vervet Monkey Drawing

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Females remain in their groups throughout life. Separate dominance hierarchies are found for each sex. Male hierarchies are determined by age, tenure in the group, fighting abilities, and allies, while female hierarchies are dependent on maternal social status. A large proportion of interactions occur between individuals which are similarly ranked and closely related. Between unrelated individuals, there is female competition for grooming members of high-ranking families, presumably to gain more access to resources. These observations suggest individual recognition is possible and enables discrimination of genetic relatedness and social status. Interactions between different groups are variable, ranging from highly aggressive to friendly. Furthermore, individuals seem to be able to recognize cross-group vocalizations, and identify from and to which monkey each call is intended, even if the call is made by a subadult male which is likely to transfer groups. This suggests the members within a group are actively monitoring the activity of other groups, including the movement of individuals within a group.

Vervet Monkey via image
Vervet Monkey
Vervet Monkey via image
Vervet Monkey
Drawing by Stephen Nas... via image
Drawing by Stephen Nas...
Young vervet monkey   ... via image
Young vervet monkey ...
sitting monkey  Vervet... via image
sitting monkey Vervet...
verve via image
vervet monkey by via image
vervet monkey by
Click the Vervet Monke... via image
Click the Vervet Monke...
Wildlife Sketches via image
Wildlife Sketches
Fig  1  via image
Fig 1
Other animals in the b... via image
Other animals in the b...
Chlorocebus pygerythru... via image
Chlorocebus pygerythru...
Golden Monkey coloring... via image
Golden Monkey coloring...
1200 x 1600 jpeg 95kB
Mpala Live! Field Guid... via image
Mpala Live! Field Guid...
484 x 326 png 22kB
Free Printable Monkey ... via image
Free Printable Monkey ...
670 x 626 jpeg 31kB
Yawn Clipart Black And... via image
Yawn Clipart Black And...
600 x 620 jpeg 70kB
Kawaii monkey coloring... via image
Kawaii monkey coloring...
364 x 470 jpeg 32kB
117 best I love Monkey... via image
117 best I love Monkey...
288 x 380 jpeg 28kB
Oryx Illustration via image
Oryx Illustration
788 x 598 jpeg 187kB
Learn How to Draw a Go... via image
Learn How to Draw a Go...
598 x 844 png 55kB
Golden snub-nosed Monk... via image
Golden snub-nosed Monk...
1276 x 1701 jpeg 283kB
Gratis foto: Apa, Teck... via image
Gratis foto: Apa, Teck...
960 x 720 jpeg 194kB
Search photos monkey via image
Search photos monkey
240 x 240 jpeg 14kB
Monkey clipart free do... via image
Monkey clipart free do...
1236 x 2400 png 312kB
Tribal Monkey Stock Ph... via image
Tribal Monkey Stock Ph...
612 x 445 jpeg 57kB
212 Best monkey monday... via image
212 Best monkey monday...
236 x 640 jpeg 17kB