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Gallery photos and information: Wild Animals For Kids

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Wildlife has long been a common subject for educational television shows. National Geographic specials appeared on CBS beginning in 1965, later moving to ABC and then PBS. In 1963, NBC debuted Wild Kingdom, a popular program featuring zoologist Marlin Perkins as host. The BBC natural history unit in the UK was a similar pioneer, the first wildlife series LOOK presented by Sir Peter Scott, was a studio-based show, with filmed inserts. It was in this series that David Attenborough first made his appearance which led to the series Zoo Quest during which he and cameraman Charles Lagus went to many exotic places looking for and filming elusive wildlife—notably the Komodo dragon in Indonesia and lemurs in Madagascar. Since 1984, the Discovery Channel and its spin off Animal Planet in the US have dominated the market for shows about wildlife on cable television, while on PBS the NATURE strand made by WNET-13 in New York and NOVA by WGBH in Boston are notable. See also Nature documentary. Wildlife television is now a multi-million dollar industry with specialist documentary film-makers in many countries including UK, US, New Zealand NHNZ, Australia, Austria, Germany, Japan, and Canada. There are many magazines which cover wildlife including National Wildlife Magazine, Birds & Blooms, Birding (magazine), and Ranger Rick (for children).

Animals Pictures For K... via image
Animals Pictures For K...
Domestic Animals Image... via image
Domestic Animals Image...
Screenshots  Kids Wild... via image
Screenshots Kids Wild...
Screenshots  Kids Slat... via image
Screenshots Kids Slat...
Wild Animals via image
Wild Animals
illustration of Wild a... via image
illustration of Wild a...
Kids Chart Wild Animal... via image
Kids Chart Wild Animal...
Wild Animals 3 flashca... via image
Wild Animals 3 flashca...
Screenshots  Kids Slat... via image
Screenshots Kids Slat...
Olive Kids Wild Animal... via image
Olive Kids Wild Animal...
Olive Kids Wild Animal... via image
Olive Kids Wild Animal...
Photos Of Animals For ... via image
Photos Of Animals For ...
Most kids love to colo... via image
Most kids love to colo...
alt via image
Wild Animals via image
Wild Animals
Olive Kids Wild Animal... via image
Olive Kids Wild Animal...
Breathtaking Photos Of... via image
Breathtaking Photos Of...
600 x 531 jpeg 55kB
Elusive Marbled Cat Fi... via image
Elusive Marbled Cat Fi...
640 x 360 jpeg 77kB
Tunisian Camels via image
Tunisian Camels
480 x 360 jpeg 54kB
Cameras Reveal the Sec... via image
Cameras Reveal the Sec...
640 x 360 jpeg 55kB
Anteater | Reid Park Z... via image
Anteater | Reid Park Z...
2048 x 1536 jpeg 1138kB
RMK1086BCS - Wildlife ... via image
RMK1086BCS - Wildlife ...
800 x 800 jpeg 120kB
Orphaned "Moon Be... via image
Orphaned "Moon Be...
480 x 360 jpeg 69kB
Rat vs. Two Predators via image
Rat vs. Two Predators
640 x 360 jpeg 46kB
Ghostly Yeti Crab Swar... via image
Ghostly Yeti Crab Swar...
640 x 360 jpeg 25kB
Feist—'1,2,3,4' via image
480 x 360 jpeg 49kB
World's Deadliest: Sud... via image
World's Deadliest: Sud...
640 x 360 jpeg 44kB
A Mind-Bending Walk Th... via image
A Mind-Bending Walk Th...
640 x 360 jpeg 47kB
Yosemite Sequoias Need... via image
Yosemite Sequoias Need...
640 x 360 jpeg 41kB
Continental Drift 101 via image
Continental Drift 101
640 x 360 jpeg 36kB
See Yankee Stadium Van... via image
See Yankee Stadium Van...
1680 x 946 jpeg 1268kB
Plankton-Spotting Sate... via image
Plankton-Spotting Sate...
640 x 360 jpeg 22kB
Printable King cobra s... via image
Printable King cobra s...
262 x 338 jpeg 28kB
Optical Illusion Drawi... via image
Optical Illusion Drawi...
690 x 493 jpeg 98kB
Aquarium | Maria Mitch... via image
Aquarium | Maria Mitch...
600 x 350 gif 127kB
Jumanji – Musings Fr... via image
Jumanji – Musings Fr...
604 x 850 jpeg 141kB