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Gallery photos and information: Yellowfin Tuna School

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Yellowfin tuna were subsequently discovered by sport fishermen in Bermuda, the Bahamas, Hawaii, and many other parts of their range. Larger adult fish which had developed distinctively long sickle fins were initially thought to be a different species and were known as Allison tuna (a name first given by the then curator of the Bermuda Aquarium, Louis Mowbray, in 1920). Such destinations as Hawaii and Bermuda became famed for their catches of these beautiful fish. In Hawaii, various styles of feather lures served as bait, but in Bermuda, chumming techniques from boats anchored on productive banks were evolved to target not only Allison tuna, but also wahoo and the smaller blackfin tuna. Bermudian experts developed techniques to take all these fish on light tackle, and for many years the International Game Fish Association records for yellowfin tuna were dominated by entries from Bermuda in the lighter line classes, with fish in the 200 lb (91 kg) and larger class from Hawaii taking most of the heavier line-class records.

school of yellowfin tu... via image
school of yellowfin tu...
yellowfin tuna via image
yellowfin tuna
Immense School of Yell... via image
Immense School of Yell...
5  16 Yellowfin tuna via image
5 16 Yellowfin tuna
A school of skipjack t... via image
A school of skipjack t...
7 Yellowfin Tuna via image
7 Yellowfin Tuna
Determining the level ... via image
Determining the level ...
Yellow Fin Tuna Quepos... via image
Yellow Fin Tuna Quepos...
Exploring ecosystem im... via image
Exploring ecosystem im...
School of Yellowfin Tu... via image
School of Yellowfin Tu...
Yellowfin Tuna via image
Yellowfin Tuna
Yellowfin Tuna via image
Yellowfin Tuna
Atlantic Yellowfin Tun... via image
Atlantic Yellowfin Tun...
900 x 600 jpeg 306kB
Bigeye Tuna | Species ... via image
Bigeye Tuna | Species ...
460 x 343 jpeg 27kB
Yellowfin Tuna | Speci... via image
Yellowfin Tuna | Speci...
660 x 495 jpeg 66kB
Insight for 14 Septemb... via image
Insight for 14 Septemb...
620 x 412 jpeg 84kB
Yellowfin Torpedo | Gl... via image
Yellowfin Torpedo | Gl...
1200 x 799 jpeg 73kB
Schooling fish Wallpap... via image
Schooling fish Wallpap...
798 x 477 jpeg 41kB
Anglers' Ten Most Want... via image
Anglers' Ten Most Want...
448 x 226 jpeg 19kB
Thunnus - Wikipedia via image
Thunnus - Wikipedia
1558 x 1106 jpeg 255kB via image
1740 x 1181 jpeg 1223kB
The Waterman's Journal... via image
The Waterman's Journal...
612 x 343 png 304kB
In remote Pacific, pop... via image
In remote Pacific, pop...
967 x 645 jpeg 189kB
Costa Rica Sportfishin... via image
Costa Rica Sportfishin...
380 x 264 jpeg 23kB
Nachhaltiger Thunfisch... via image
Nachhaltiger Thunfisch...
1200 x 630 jpeg 79kB
bigeye_tuna_Tuna_Speci... via image
1000 x 600 jpeg 47kB
Yellowfin Tuna School ... via image
Yellowfin Tuna School ...
1024 x 512 jpeg 56kB
Socorro Island Manta a... via image
Socorro Island Manta a...
600 x 400 jpeg 58kB
Yellowfin Tuna » ... via image
Yellowfin Tuna » ...
800 x 1067 jpeg 140kB
David Valencia - Under... via image
David Valencia - Under...
1024 x 682 jpeg 214kB
Yellowfin tuna biz con... via image
Yellowfin tuna biz con...
400 x 415 jpeg 33kB
Thon Albacore Photos e... via image
Thon Albacore Photos e...
612 x 407 jpeg 38kB
Yellowfin, Tuna, Wide,... via image
Yellowfin, Tuna, Wide,...
1918 x 1023 jpeg 390kB
Yellowfin Tuna School via image
Yellowfin Tuna School
940 x 528 jpeg 164kB
Brag Board: Grand Baha... via image
Brag Board: Grand Baha...
960 x 720 jpeg 62kB
Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi) ... via image
Yellowfin Tuna (Ahi) ...
490 x 252 gif 22kB
1280 x 518 jpeg 76kB
Fish detail | WWF SASS... via image
Fish detail | WWF SASS...
1024 x 509 jpeg 127kB
The Waterman's Journal... via image
The Waterman's Journal...
461 x 691 jpeg 203kB
Special Article: Yello... via image
Special Article: Yello...
450 x 600 jpeg 69kB