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Gallery photos and information: Yorkshire Terrier 2013

Wiki info

From the back of the neck to the base of the tail, the coat should be a dark gray to a black colour, and the hair on the tail should be a darker black. On the head, high chest, and legs, the hair should be a bright, rich tan, darker at the roots than in the middle, that shades into a lighter tan at the tips, but not for all dogs. Also, in adult dogs there should be no black hairs intermingled with any of the tan coloured fur. Adult Yorkshire Terriers that have other coat colours than the above, or that have woolly or extra fine coats, are still Yorkshire Terriers. The only difference is that atypical Yorkshire Terriers should not intentionally be bred. In addition, care may be more difficult for "woolly" or "cottony" textured coats, or coats that are overly fine. One of the reasons given for not breeding "off-coloured" Yorkies is that the colour could be a potential indicator of a genetic defect that may affect the dog's health, a careful health screening can clarify if any health risks exist. Coats may vary in colour. For example, a grown Yorkie may have a silver/blue with light brown while another might have a black and creamy colour.

 Yorkshire Terrier   via image
Yorkshire Terrier
Yorkie And Yorkshire T... via image
Yorkie And Yorkshire T...
Get A Miniature Yorkie... via image
Get A Miniature Yorkie...
April 17th  2013 at 45... via image
April 17th 2013 at 45...
Teacup Yorkshire Terri... via image
Teacup Yorkshire Terri...
of 2107  February 1  2... via image
of 2107 February 1 2...
of 2107  February 1  2... via image
of 2107 February 1 2...
Yorkshire Terrier via image
Yorkshire Terrier
Mini Yorkshire Terrier... via image
Mini Yorkshire Terrier...
Yorkshire-Terrier-Pupp... via image
Yorkshire-Terrier-Pupp... via image
Kilo the Yorkshire Ter... via image
Kilo the Yorkshire Ter...
The Yorkshire Terrier via image
The Yorkshire Terrier
File:Yorkie 9 months.j... via image
File:Yorkie 9 months.j...
1280 x 960 jpeg 423kB
Teacup Male Yorkie Pup... via image
Teacup Male Yorkie Pup...
1280 x 720 jpeg 43kB
301 Moved Permanently via image
301 Moved Permanently
341 x 248 jpeg 13kB
Strzyzenie york styl k... via image
Strzyzenie york styl k...
800 x 561 jpeg 69kB
Fryzura dla yorka Wroc... via image
Fryzura dla yorka Wroc...
800 x 600 jpeg 35kB
Yorki biżuteria dla y... via image
Yorki biżuteria dla y...
700 x 560 jpeg 76kB
Yorki szczeniaki na sp... via image
Yorki szczeniaki na sp...
700 x 560 jpeg 138kB
yorki zdjęcia via image
yorki zdjęcia
700 x 560 jpeg 84kB
Yorki szczeniaki via image
Yorki szczeniaki
700 x 523 jpeg 87kB
Lewis déjà r... via image
Lewis déjà r...
499 x 480 jpeg 94kB
Yorki szczeniaki via image
Yorki szczeniaki
700 x 523 jpeg 70kB
Nouf nouf : chien croi... via image
Nouf nouf : chien croi...
498 x 480 jpeg 127kB
A legcukibb kutyá... via image
A legcukibb kutyá...
351 x 460 jpeg 32kB
Amy (Labrador, Rauhaar... via image
Amy (Labrador, Rauhaar...
640 x 480 jpeg 154kB
Wetterhoun - Dog Breed... via image
Wetterhoun - Dog Breed...
900 x 552 jpeg 120kB
Itan : chiot crois... via image
Itan : chiot crois...
650 x 435 jpeg 74kB
Ipso : chiot beauceron... via image
Ipso : chiot beauceron...
444 x 479 jpeg 127kB
Dolph réservé... via image
Dolph réservé...
482 x 479 jpeg 73kB
Izhann 5 mois : chiot ... via image
Izhann 5 mois : chiot ...
309 x 479 png 325kB